River Report
River Flow 323 CFS - Visibility - Clear - A slight chance of showers after 1pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 80. Northeast wind 3 to 7 mph. - AM Water Temp 75' - AM Air Temp 68' - Daytime Air High 80' - PM Air Temp Low 62' 
Mornings best bet is Swinging Streamers or Nymphing with big Yellow Stones and Rubber Legs with a Caddis Pupae dropper. Towards late afternoon when the shadow line touches the river this is popper time !!
Trout Thermal Refuges for the tributaries of the Housatonic River are in effect starting 06/15/17 thru 09/15/17. Fishing is prohibited within 100 feet of the CT DEEP black & white posted signs near the tributary mouths.
On the outside table next to HRO's front door we have a tremendous assortment of trout and bass flies on sale and all specially marked at $1.50 each !!! Refill your fly boxes with this is an amazing assortment of dry, wet & nymph fly patterns !!
Now for the fishing conditions. The river is at 323 CFS, 75'F and clear. Summer, Good Water Flow, Smallmouths & Wet Wading on the Housy !! Who has better fishing days then this !! Start off swinging streamers to find aggressive smallmouths. During bright daytime sun light; Nymph or Swing Streamers in all the riffles and pocket water. With the water temps going up the smallmouths are in all the pools and riffles in the TMA. Trout will move into the Thermal Refuges where they are protected from fishing until  09/15/17. For streamers swing John's Lion Bugger, G's Catch'Em All, Circus Peanuts,  Zonkers, Woolly Buggers, Pick Yur' Pocket, Conehead Muddlers. Swing soft hackles like; Spiders, Hares Ear or Pheasant Tails. For nymphs high stick big yellow stones with a caddis pupae dropper or fish with BH Hares Ears & BH Princes.  Tune-up your fly vest by cleaning out the old leaders & tippet spools and replace them with fresh new leaders & tippet spools. Reorganize your flies into new boxes. Check to see how much floatant, lead shot, strike indicators, tippet rings are left over from last year or bring your gear into the shop and we can help you tune it up for the coming season.  If your fly line is becoming stiff or cracked it's time to change it. You can bring your fly reel to the shop and we can machine wind a new fly line with free backing !!  If your favorite rod has broken guides, tip tops, missing hook keeper or needs new wraps.......Bring it down to the shop for repair.  
We like the following patterns:  Poppers, Dry Flies: Caddis', Cahill's, Alders, Streamers: John's Lion Bugger, G's Gotcha, Circus Peanuts,  Zonkers, Woolly Buggers, Pick Yur' Pocket, Soft Hackles: Spiders, Hares Ear or Pheasant Tails,  Nymphs: Golden Stone (8-10) BH Hares Ear (12-16), BH Princes (10-16), BH Pheasant Tails (12-18), Rubber Legs (all colors), 20 Incher's (8-16) & Euro Bead Head Princes. Don't forget to try a Chartreuse or Yellow Stone Mop Fly, too. We recommend a drop rig for maximum effectiveness and use an indicator to make sure you don't miss any takes. Try the AirLock indicators if you haven't already. They are the best! 

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