October 14th River Stocked Iso's BWO's and ANTS - Dare to Fish the Housy - Natural Flow Natural River -  Fish are rising - Respect the Refuge Areas

October 14th River Stocked Iso's BWO's and ANTS - Dare to Fish the Housy - Natural Flow Natural River - Fish are rising - Respect the Refuge Areas

River Report 10/14 River Flow 200 - WE are open today Columbus Day but I am closing early to go fishing - woohoo It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood - and looks perfect - nice and cloudy no wind for the moement- and with the petting zoo flows going to 50cfs for the next few months - its time to Dare the Housy Challenge. - woohoo- went and looked at the river beautiful and clear - will top out around here - actually in store today - going fishing after work - again - woohoo - another great day of fishing expected - except nice and cloudy - should be bugs all over the water all day - I am closing early at 4pm to go fishing myself - Beautiful cool morning - the woodstove is lit - - I can’t say in any clearer - get up here and fish - woohoo - river came up a little with the rain from Monday - much cooler weather here and going to be a game changer for the river - cool things down and add a little water - the fish are really going to spark up the feeding - and get ready to throw streamers and swing wetflies - the fishing should really be superb by the weekend - this was the last warm day- 52 degrees this morning - what beautiful morning and what beautiful weekend coming up - can’t wait - even I am going fishing - lots of bugs lots of fish - iso’s there will be flying ants for the next couple of days after the rain - bwo’s - late season sulfurs - if not rising - throw streamers - my tequila sunrise is my favorite - swing wet flies or nymph - but yes there are tons of nice fish around - lots of holdovers - Please Please please still respect the refuge areas - there are still fish in some of them - and they don’t need to be harassed - they are basically trapped in small pools and are easily preyed upon - I You don’t get a better fishing day than this - all the fishing was off the charts every customer had fish stories about how many and how big - game on - foggy but - sun will come out later - high in the high 70’s - cool no wind - lots of bugs and lots of fish - get over here - went fishing again Thursday night - this time i kept my usual’s on and caught tons of fish deciding to swing some wet flies - using a lead wing coachmen and a soft hackle nymph to imitate the isonychia - i just caught so many fish it was silly - on real big holdover - fat as me after a pizza party - going back out tonight - should be a big bwo and flying ant day. Respect the Refuge Areas - First Stocking of 4000 Browns - 5000 more trout went in on Wed of the week before. - oh baby oh baby - going to be excellent weekend of fishing for both trout and bass - everyone is catching tons of each. This is the time to swing wet flies to imitate the Iso nymph - and streamers - the trout become more aggressive in the fall - and will move to take a moving fly - the hatches are becoming afternoon hatches - but flies can come off anytime of day Everyone is catching a lot of trout - one warm day tomorrow and the next 5 days are very cool - river temps are fluctuating between 60 and 69 degrees depending on the warmth of the day. lots of bugs - Iso’s, BWO’s late season sulfurs (which are probably a subspecies of BWO’s), small caddis of various sizes and colors, and what are often referred to as yellow drakes - a big yellow creamy mayfly - which i think may be Potamanthus - who knows they are big and yellow - perfect for a light covered usual - a few fish started rising - but we did not stay to long - martinis were calling us:) - just perfect - trout are rising in the early morning and early evenings and bass are fighting during the day - doesn't get any better than this. the petting zoo has 71cfs - we can all walk on water to pet the fish. - a few guide trips out yesterday fishing for smallies - and yes they landed quite a few trout - looks like they are moving out of the refuge areas as the river cools - they also said at the end of the day trout were feeding on ISO’s and BWO spinners - this is not the petting zoo - please use 5x at the lightest so you can land and unhook these holdovers without stressing them - the best days of the year and they are happening this weekend woohoo - and nice and clear - things are cooling down - come over and fish for those feisty smallmouth again use heavier tippets - the trout are going to start moving out of the refuge areas to feed - Iso's BWO's and Flying Ants - September coming up is one of the great hatch months. Starting to price and list all those great books.- I bought my first mums from whole foods.RESPECT THE REFUGE AREAS:)-- took Dr. Dantzker and his two grand kids to a local pond and caught a ton of panfish - they are hooked - once they learned that worms don’t swim they realized that fish were running away with the bobber :) - bass fishing still off the charts - zonkers, streamers, wooly's, pats rubber legs, poppers and soft hackle streamers - seems like there is one behind every rock - with the cooler evening temps we are hearing of trout mixed in with the smalliesGreat to see our guides taking out so many families and kids fishing this summer. Upcoming hatches - Flying Ants, Isonychias, BWO's and late season sulfurs. People ask me everyday about hoppers and terrestrials - I have only had success with Ants - however on the Farmington I do take great pleasure tossing a large hopper into a pool dropping like a cannon ball - while the guys are fishing their size #48 flies on 15x tippets and you get a monster to come up and hit the hopper like a freight train - its the little things in life that put a smile on your face. Its also funny to see all the night fishing posts - like its a new thing - been going on for 200 years fishing for trout at night. You want to speak to the best night fisherman around look up Jerry Jahns - (spey casting instructor) - he is the MAN having quite a few 30 inch plus trout to his record. Just saying nothing new in the world of fishing - only a new generation recycles the old.- d spectacular weather coming out. also we are coming into flying ant season - after a rain - the ground softens - the ants fly out to mate and the trout love them - if they are rising to ants - they are rising to ants - so make sure you have a couple of our proprietary purple ant patterns handy between now and Oct 1st. - River Report - - smallmouth everywhere - Dr. D. and I were out thursday night - got rained on - was not fast and furious - i don’t think the bass like thunder - but a couple of nice fish outside the TMA some lightning - the white flies came off early around 7 due to darkening weather - we needed it - the river came up around 40 cfs maybe a little more later today - - smallmouth fishing is off the charts - they are behind every rock in shallow water - deep water you name it - and I am catching bigger ones this year - why - who knows - - streamers, pats rubber legs and poppers for the smallmouth bass - have some special pike flies that came in

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