April 21st- Happy Passover and Easter- Bring in your used equipment books etc. we buy sell and trade

April 21st - Happy Easter and Passover - Saw 3 Hendrickson’s Friday - not a hatch just 3 lonely flies - River is high and offcolor - fish the tribs or the Shepaug - All big rivers high and off color - catskills are high again - I will be in the store only for a short while today shipping out a bunch of orders - then heading out to fish a favorite small stream and digging up some ramps - TAKE THE HOUSY CHALLENGE - HOLDOVER TROUT IN A NATURALLY FLOWING RIVER - The Housatonic is flowing at 2900CFS today 1-2 foot visibility — We did not get as much rain last night as predicted - however - a couple cells came over this morning - Mass is getting lots of rain - also looks like the catskills got whacked again - the neversink is 10 times normal flow - and they had rain to the south of us - We will see what the rain brings us the next couple of days - we will see - I have a feeling the rain is going to make all the larger rivers higher - I would go explore the Shepaug River over near Washington Depot and Bee Brook - it is flowing well - nice and clear and this is a great time to be on the Shepaug - a truly beautiful river - also Macedonia and Furnace Brook are flowing at great levels - the Forsythia’s are just starting to bloom bright yellow - it should be only a few days until we begin to see Hendrickson’s get out there and go fishing and if you dont want to fish shoulder to shoulder - head over this way - Come fish for holdovers - but wait - that’s all we have in the river now until they stock in a few weeks - so if you want to come fish a bigger river with only holdover fish - this is the place for you. Can’t sugar coat it anymore. It’s big - sometimes bad - but when it is on - it’s just on and with Natural Flows - unpredictable on a day to day basis - a truly challenging river - woohoo and the river will continue to drop - and with warm weather for the next few days - I sense some big fish being caught - just saying high of 55 degrees today then a beautiful weekend of weather low 70’s both days - - - and there are tons of bear sighting so spring is upon on us - we had a bear in our front yard last night - in like a lion out like a lamb - ticks are out so check yourselves make sure and fish the deeper runs - drove by the covered bridge yesterday and there were people fishing in the fast rapids - not man fish there - we got just enough rain to raise the river - clarity still good - look to the smaller tmas for lower water - they should fish nicely - - so if you want to come up and fish a river that is running naturally as it should in the spring with big holdovers (which you may or not catch) bring your favorite cigar, sunscreen, waders - warm socks and sense of humor and fish a river like it should be “Natural” without people lined up like a picket fence - this volatile weather reminds me of many an opening day in New York in the Catskills - snowy wet cold - and so many fishermen who had camped out cooked shared secret lures and bait recipes - had cocktails - people were there with their kids and families - we had prepared all winter for the grand opening day of trout season - as with all things - they change - the magic has greatly diminished in the opening day and braving the truly crappy weather to land your first trout of the year - we will see what the weather brings for now the river is in great shape - smaller TMA streams for today - - - nice weather saturday and sunday - fish are hungry - its a heat wave Remember non TMA’s are closed until the 2nd Saturday of April -March is big fish month - - the tributaries are clear - spring is here - the fish are stacked up - so where you find one - you find many - If you go out fly fishing this time of year, you should plan to fish near the bottom of the water column, the fish will stack up in the deeper runs. Egg patterns, worm patterns, Mop flies, and heavy nymphs are the trick.

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