Weather & Forecast

"If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes." – Mark Twain

River Flow

The Housatonic remains as a "natural flow" river despite its numerous dams. There are not flow manipulations imposed on the rivers as there was in the past. The following notations are generalizations and each individual needs to access which flow levels are best suited for their own capabilities. The rocks in the Housy can be unforgiving to even the most experienced angler. We highly recommend using a wading staff at all times, as well as, using felt sole wading boots with studs or crampon style spikes.

200-500 CFS: Good wading conditions throughout the Trout Management Area

500-1000 CFS: Moderate wading conditions with limited access

1000-1800 CFS: Very challenging and limited wading access. Seek a float trip with these flows!