08/07/16 River Report
River Flow 202 CFS - Visibility Clear - AM Water Temp 66'F. - Sunny, with a high near 83. Light northwest wind increasing to 5 to 9 mph in the morning. - The Housatonic River is flowing at 202 CFS!!! - The Farmington River is flowing at 57 CFS. - Now Where Are You  Fishing this Weekend? - We now have lower water temps and a rise in flow to make a perfect day to get up here and throw your favorite popper on the stream for some of those big smallies and then have a early dinner and go fish the white fly hatch - our blizzard in the summer.  This only goes on for a couple of weeks and is well worth seeing a hatch that looks like flying snow once the sun begins to set - the heat is not here for today - come up and enjoy the river and catch some piggy smallmouths on poppers or your favorite streamer - Also the pike and carp fishing are really heating up behind the dam. With this flow it's a good opportunity to view your favorite haunts and study the structure and flows - it will only help you in higher flows to understand how the fishing holes are laid out.

White Fly Bite Is On!! - Fish a tandem rig with a White Wulff followed by a White Spinner or a White Parachute..... Deadly!! - White Fly Hatch comes on at about 8:00pm. - Night time fishing tip: We always use a headlight for wading around in the dark for safety's sake. - Bass Popper Bite Is HOT during the day!! - Trout are  going to be more active with increased flow and lower water temps. - Carp are in the deeper pools in the TMA. - Try dragging some Woolly Buggers, crawfish or Big Stone Fly Nymphs by them. - Fish the side channels of the power house in Falls Village for Bass or Carp. Lot's of exposed river structure to target at the power house - Look for Bass in the TMA behind newly exposed boulders in the deeper pools. - Nymphing & Streamer fishing is the way to go during daylight hours.

AM River Water Temp 66' - River Flow 202 CFS. - Morning Air Temp 63'- Today's Air Temp High 83' - Tonight's Air Temp Low 57' - Remember from  June 15th until September 15th the mouths of tributaries that are  posted by the DEEP are closed to fishing (Look for White DEEP No Fishing Signs). 

Dry Fly Choices: White Wulffs 12, White Parachutes 12 & 14, White Spinners 12 &14, Light Cahills Size 14,  Green or Tan  Caddis Size 16 & 18
Bass: Any Color Popper, Pick Your Pocket, Woolly Buggers, Zonkers,Circus Peanuts
Soft Hackles: Olive Caddis Pupae, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, March Brown Spiders, Partdrige and Green, Partdrige and Yellow,  Partdrige and Orange, Red Squirrel, Pheasant Tail
Wet Flies: Lead Wing Coachman, Hornbergs, March Brown, .
Nymph Choices; Hares Ear, Green Caddis Pupae, BH Princes, BH Pheasant Tails, Big Yellow or Brown Stones, Rubber Legs(all colors), 20 Incher's, Yellow Wire Stones & Euro Bead Head Princes
Streamers: Pick Your Pocket, Zonkers, Woolly Buggers, Circus Peanuts, Home Invaders, Clousers, 

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