06/24/16 River Report
River Flow 314 CFS - Visibility Clear - AM Water Temp 66' - Sunny, with a high near 79. East wind 3 to 8 mph.
Trout and Bass have mixed in all the riffles and pools through out the TMA. - Nymphing & Streamer bite is HOT all day long!! - Dry Fly Bite last hour of daylight.
Alder Flies, Rusty Spinners, Light Cahills, Green Caddis, Sulphurs and Isonychias on the river after supper time til dark. - During the day you can slam Alder Flies next to the bank just like hoppers..And hang on! - Nymphing & Streamer bite is HOT all day long!! - AM River Water Temp 66' - River Flow 314 CFS. - Morning Air Temp 64'- Air Temp High Today 79' - Tonight's Air Temp Low 57' - Remember on June 15th the mouths of tributaries posted by the DEEP are closed to fishing until September 15th.

Dry Fly Choices:  Alder Flies 10 & 12, Rusty Spinners 12, Sulphurs 16 & 18, Light Cahills Size 12 & 14, Isonychias 12 & 14, Green Caddis Size 16 & 18 - BWO's Size 18 & 20.
Soft Hackles: Olive Caddis Pupae, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, March Brown Spiders, Partdrige and Green
Wet Flies: Soft Hackle March Brown Spiders, Lead Wing Coachman, Hornbergs.
Nymph Choices; Hares Ear, Green Caddis Pupae, BH Princes, BH Pheasant Tails, Big Yellow or Brown Stones, Rubber Legs & Euro Bead Head Princes
Streamers: Pick Your Pocket, Zonkers, Woolly Buggers, Circus Peanuts, Home Invaders.

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