12/17/16 River Report
River Flow 485 CFS - Visibility Clear - AM Water Temp 33'F. - Snow and sleet before 1pm, then rain and sleet likely between 1pm and 3pm, then a chance of rain after 3pm. High near 36. South wind around 10 mph. - Come down to the shop and celebrate the holidays! - The fine folks from Taconic Distillery will be here at the shop to share their latest offerings with you today, Saturday, December 17 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. - When they aren't busy crafting their fine spirits they can be found in the great outdoors. - Swing by the shop and taste their fine spirits, talk fishing/hunting and pick up some last minute gifts. - Water levels stable and the river is clear, so it's time to break out the big rods, sink tip lines and big streamers !! - It's also time to break out the spey rod !! -  Search the water in the morning by swinging big streamers for Rainbows and Browns. - As the water levels drop a little bit more; switch over to a big Stone Fly nymph or San Juan Worm with an Egg dropper and nymph the water more closely. -  Egg Patterns are fishing well as trout are into spawning mode.  - At this time of year it's best to get on the river a little later in the morning. - This gives the sun a chance to warm up the river a couple degrees. - The fish will become more active in the slightly warmer water. 
Try nymphing deep during the day with a two fly rig.- On your two fly nymph rig start with Rubber Leg Stone Fly nymph or San Juan Worm and an Egg Pattern as a dropper. - Streamer fishing is a great way to cover water and to find fish. - Swing streamers for Trout behind exposed boulders in all the deeper riffles & pools. - Then go back and deep nymph over any river section that produced takes on streamers. 

AM River Water Temp 33' - River Flow 485 CFS - Morning Air Temp 22'- Today's Air Temp High 36' - Tonight's Air Temp Low 36' - Brown Trout are in the spawning mode all thru the TMA !! 

Soft Hackles: Partdrige and Green, Partdrige and Yellow,  Partdrige and Orange, 
Wet Flies:  Alexandria, Eggs, Sucker Spawn, San Juan Worms
Nymph Choices; Hares Ear, BH Princes, BH Pheasant Tails, Big Yellow or Brown Stones, Rubber Legs(all colors), 20 Incher's, Yellow Wire Stones & Euro Bead Head Princes
Streamers: Pick Your Pocket, Zonkers, Woolly Buggers, Circus Peanuts, Home Invaders, Clousers

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