Competition nymphing, popular in Europe, has bred some absolutely DEADLY fishing techniques & flies. What has now come to be know as Euro Nymphing, in essence tight-line nymphing with long, light rods & weighted flies, has been tweaked into a deadly system of specialized nymphing. Under the right conditions, no method produces trout the way this does. Aaron has become an expert at these techniques, with 2 videos out specifically about Euro Nymphing. This clinic will be both indoors & on the river, and will include a PowerPoint presentation. He will cover leader construction, rigging, weighted flies & pattern selection, presentation, tracking, strike detection, hook-setting, and reading the water. You will also learn what type of water to target. Bring your waders, rod & reel, flies, pen & notepad. Be prepared to catch a lot more trout after this clinic! 

Class costs $150 per angler and is limited to 8 anglers.