Want to learn how to become an effective nympher but don't know how? Or maybe you already nymph, but have had less than wonderful results. Everybody should know how to catch trout on nymphs- it works 12 months a year, in low to high water, and nobody is more qualified to teach nymphing than guide, author, DVD star & nymphing expert Aaaron Jasper. This class is well suited to anyone from beginner level, right up to intermediates who want to up their game. Indicator nymphing is a great way to get into it, and you will learn leader construction, weight usage, fly selection, picking & adjusting the proper indicator, detecting strikes, and how to properly set the hook. Class will be partly indoors, and partly onstream, so bring your rod, reel, waders & flies. There will be a PowerPoint as part of the class, so bring a pad & pen to take notes. Class is about 6 hours and costs $100, paid in advance, no refunds, rain or shine so bring a raincoat! Call shop at 860-672-1010 to book a spot.