With steelhead season fast approaching we are happy to share with you a great new DVD; Skagit Revolution. Tom Larimer, a well known and respected guide in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, demystifies spey casting and in particular shows you how to fish with these techniques. We really like this 2 DVD set what it does. It is definitely one of the best we've seen! Stop in the store and pick it up or order online in our Amazon store. Check out the trailer below.

About the DVD

Disk 1: The first disk will focus on creating a strong foundation for the student. It will cover roll casting, the snap-t and double spey cast from both sides of the river. While this disk is truly about the basics, intermediate and advanced casters will walk away with a new perspective on the minute elements that enforce strong casting. Bonus chapters will cover an in-depth equipment talk, how to line two-handed rods and knots used for Spey fishing.

Disk 2: Disc two will build upon the fundamentals from disk one and take the audience to a whole new level of Spey casting. In addition to learning perry pokes and poke variations from both sides of the river, the focus is to give anglers the ability to adjust to changing fishing conditions and tackle requirements. Ultimately, the viewer will walk with a better understanding how their cast directly relates to their success while fishing