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  • Another beautiful day in April, and the fly-fishing on the Housatonic is always good.

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    April on the Housy!

    March is a time of transition, from winter conditions and temps to springtime.
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    The old saying about it “coming in like a lion, going out like a lamb” usually rings true. It certainly came in like one this year, and as I write this temps are all over the place, with the Ten Day Forecast putting highs from low 20's to mid 40's, and nights from single digits up to about 30 degrees. Milder days typically produce the best fishing due to an increase in water temps.

    Expect to see a mix of winter/early season stoneflies crawling out onto the riverbanks

    Tiny Winter Black/Capnia (#18-20), Early Brown (#14-16), and Early Black (#12-14) are all possibilities in March. Interestingly, I typically have my best fishing on bigger golden or brown stones in #6-10, even though the smaller stones are numerous and active. I like to drop a smaller, generic nymph in #12-18 such as a Pheasant Tail, Prince, Hare's Ear or Dark Lord off the big stonefly- any of these could also imitate some of the smaller early season/winter stones as well as an immature Hendrickson nymph. Egg patterns are quite deadly some days too, always worth trying if the stoneflies aren't producing. A streamer fished slowly and deeply can connect also- you may catch less than on nymphs (not necessarily), but it gives you a shot at some of the biggest trout in the river. Personal March favorites would be patterns in brown, white, or black, but various other colors can be hot at particular moments. Experiment with colors, it can make a big difference. We have some cool patterns in stock with Fish Skulls & Sculpin Helmets on them, giving them enough front-weighting to get down deep enough on a floating line, and also allowing you to “jig” them if you want. Use 0x to 2x tippets with these medium to large streamers.

    Ideal scenario right now is a sunny day in the 40's,

    come fish the housatonic and a night that drops down below freezing- this increases water temps, but keeps the snowmelt in check so that water levels stay nice and fishable but don't blow out the river. Late mornings through late afternoons are not only the most comfortable time to be out, but generally produce the best fishing too (warmer water temps get bugs active/hatching and trout feeding). Keep an eye on water levels and air temps, and pick your days accordingly. If you can, re-arrange your schedule to fish on optimum days to give yourself the best shot at success. Take advantage of early season windows of opportunity, as you never know when Mother Nature will slam it shut on us with a big snowmelt or rain, March and April can be fickle like that. Don't rule out fishing in higher flows though, I've had some really good days at 1,500-2,000cfs in pretty murky water, fishing the edges with big stones, Princes and egg flies. When flows come up, it tends to fish best once the water level has peaked and starts to drop, and it also pushes many trout closer to the banks, out of the faster flows. Higher flows are also a great time to float the river, we have plenty of guides with boats available if you want to set up a guided fishing trip to improve your chances of success and cover lots of water that wading anglers cannot reach.

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    fly fishing for pike great catch on the housatonic

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