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At Housatonic River Outfitters, we have great, handpicked guides. Whether you choose to fish the Housatonic River, Farmington River, Upper Naugatuck, Green River or many of the smaller tributaries and lakes, you will find these guides to be an invaluable resource for learning more about fishing these premier waters. These guides have more than half a century of fishing and guiding experience between them.

They will meet you at the shop, get you outfitted with any equipment you need, help you with your casting or fishing techniques (if needed), supply you with a gourmet meal and then take you out for for your day of fishing.

Always remember it's your day, so don't hesitate to tell us where you want to fish, what your quarry is (Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass and Pike) and any special diet requirements.

We specialize in group and corporate outings. For larger groups we will arrange your lodging, fishing and guide services, dinner reservations and additional activities such as canoeing, kayaking, hiking, antiquing, mountain biking and horseback riding. We work closely with many of the local inns, hotels, corporate education facilities, restaurants and recreation centers to guarantee your stay will be both active and stress free.

Whether it's a guide trip for the afternoon or a 6 day management team-building seminar, Housatonic River Outfitters will help you arrange every detail of your trip. Click this link to book yours, now.

Wading - Full Day Guide with Lunch $250 one person $300 two people
Wading - Half Day Guide $175 one person $250 two people
Driftboat - Trips Full Day $350 1/2 Day $300 1 or 2 people
FLOAT TRIPS - 1 OR 2 PEOPLE $375.00 - Full Day - INCLUDES GOURMET LUNCH $300.00 - 1/2 Day Morning or late afternoon/early evening only

We have the largest collection of fishing and sporting books in New England - we purchase book collections, used and collectible fishing equipment, offer trade-ins – just call the store for an appointment, or click here to send us an email!

Our Guides

good start happy customers rainbow will abrams bamboo rod drifting montana bend no fish tale that rainbow pogo gets results William Abrams For those of you who love bamboo rods - Streamer will be hosting wade trips with bamboo rods from the store. Book him for a full or 1/2 day and discover the secrets of a master bamboo rod builder. Streamer has guided locally since his teens and fished the Housatonic for over forty. As a bamboo rodmaker, he also finds it imperative to spend a good deal of time in research and product development, knee deep in the Housatonic, mostly fishing dries to rising fish. Find out more about Streamer at his website or in the book "Casting A Spell" by George Black.

Will Ardussi - Will is another very talented fishermen who grew up in the area, seemingly born with a fishing rod in his hand from the time he could walk. His diverse fishing backround with various tackle for all sorts of fish made him an excellent fisherman. His brother is an expert fly fisherman who taught him the ropes, and that combined with his guide school training has molded a very adaptable guide. His enthusiasm and energy levels are high, and he truly enjoys getting his clients into fish. Will is adept at catching all species of fish in the Housatonic and elsewhere, on fly or spin tackle. You will find a day with him to be a learning experience, and he is equally adept with kids, beginners and experts. Will has his own raft and does both float and wade trips, and he knows the Housy and Farmington Rivers well. He is also one of our guides who specializes in Euro-style nymphing.

David Bailey - Retired - loves to guide on the river and is a favorite for wade trips.

Keith Godfrey - Boat Captain - Works for DEP - He has guided with us for 3 years and specializes in Warm Water Trophy Fishing. If you want to catch a trophy Pike on a fly - book Keith.

Dave Homrok- a very professional guide, who is particularly adept & experienced at Euro style nymphing, having done it for quite a few years now. Of course he is well versed in other methods too. He is very knowledgeable on both the Housatonic & Farmington Rivers, and is good at finding out-of-the-way spots. If you are willing to do some walking, he can show you areas that are fished less. He also enjoys fishing smaller waters and other places that are off the radar. I like tell him that due to his mixed Czech & Polish heritage, that he was destined to become a good Euro nympher (which he is!).

Ray Lavoie- has probably forgotten more about the Housy than most of us will ever know. Ray is a local who has fished the Housy since he was old enough to walk, and has more years fishing it than any other guide. His fishing experiences have taken him all over the place for trout, salmon & steelhead, with extensive time spent in Alaska & the Great Lakes tributaries (especially the Salmon River, for Steelhead). He knows the Farmington River well, and many other local CT waters too. If you want to work on any particular techniques, or learn the Housy, Ray is a great choice. He has experienced life and is a no BS kinda guy, and he will tell you what he thinks, with no sugar coating.

Greg Lethbridge aka "Elvis" - a local expert angler, Greg is a very professional guide who gets consistent results on his trips. Very adept at getting clients into trout on nymphs, streamers and dries, he has also paid his dues on pike and is one of our guides who excels in putting his sports onto them. In the Summer, Greg also loves to target Smallmouth Bass on the Housy, and he knows more than a trick or two to get them on the end of your line. He has his own raft and does both wade and float trips. Put him in a white jumpsuit and you will see where he gets his nickname. Easygoing and confident, Greg will get you into fish.

Danny Marino - our youngest guide is one of our most knowledgeable, and he knows both the Housy and Farmington Rivers very well. A Cornwall local and former captain of Youth Flyfishing Team USA, Danny helped the team win a gold medal in international competition (he's been to 4!), and won an individual Silver, their best results to date fishing against the best fly fishermen in the world. Danny has fished with all tackle for all species and is deadly on trout and bass with all methods, but he just might be our best Euro nympher, and is also dialed in on Housy pike. Don't underestimate him by his young age, he can fish circles around almost anyone. His mentors have been some of the best fishermen in the world- Joe Humphreys, Vladi Trezbunia, George Daniels, Aaron Jasper, and many other experts. I've fished many times with Danny, and he is without doubt one of the absolute best I've seen, and I've fished with some very talented people.

Bert Ouellete - Bert has been with us longer than any other guide, and he is a truly versatile angler who can get you on trout, bass, pike or carp with fly or spin tackle. He owns a hard driftboat, and truly enjoys helping his clients learn and find success on the river. He knows the Housy inside & out, through all her seasons and moods. Bert is one of those people who guides because he truly enjoys it. If you book a full day trip with him, expect a fantastic lunch, and the use of top-drawer equipment. Bert is one of our most requested guides, with a growing list of longtime regulars. And if you want to specifically work on your dry fly fishing & hatch-matching, there is nobody better than him.

Jim Plante - Jim specializes in the learning aspect of the sport - he teaches numerous tying, nymphing and fishing classes for the shop and is extremely patient with beginners. He has his own website dedicated to fly fishing. Jim has been guiding with us for 3 years.

Stephen Pogodzienski - "Pogo" (as he is more commonly called) started fishing CT waters at a very young age. He is a very professional guide who does both wade and float trips for his guests. Stephen also specializes in Pike on the fly, Smallmouth bass on the Housatonic River, along with Euro Nymphing for trout. Steve is a very sociable guy, so a day spent with him will not only be a learning experience, but entertaining also.

Robert Scalzo - Our local Carp Commander - while being an excellent trout guide - utilizing European and Czech nymphing stratgies - he loves to fly-fish for carp.

Glen Somogie- one of our main guides, Glen runs a pontoon boat, and he has it all tricked out for fishing. Well versed in both fresh & saltwater for a variety of species, he is very easy-going & patient (important qualities for a guide!). He knows both the Housatonic & Farmington Rivers quite well, so in the event of overly high water on the Housy, he can easily float or wade fish on the Farmington. No matter what technique you want to employ, Glen can help you work on it. Glen is also knowledgeable about Housatonic pike & smallmouth.

Swede - he has been fishing the Housy since the 60's, and has probably forgotten more about fishing the river than most people will ever know. A former HFFA president in the club's early days, he loves the Housy and also knows the Farmington quite well. Swede is a very patient, knowledgeable, easygoing guide. If you want to really learn how to fish wet flies and soft hackles the "proper" way, book a day wading with him, it's his favorite technique and he's deadly at it. He is also extremely adept with dries, nymphs and streamers, and can work with you on your casting.

Matt Swett- a CT local who knows both the Housy & Farmington well, Matt is also one of our guides who is very knowledgeable on Euro nymphing. He has his own raft, and a day spent with him will be a learning experience in how to fish better. His knowledge goes well beyond Euro nymphing, he can work with you on indicator nymphing, dry fly fishing, streamers, and other techniques. He also likes to target pike on the Housy, as well as smallmouth. Matt has a good sense of humor, so don't be surprised if he pokes some good-natured fun at you during a trip with him.

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We have the largest collection of fishing and sporting books in New England - we purchase book collections, used and collectible fishing equipment, offer trade-ins – just call the store for an appointment, or click here to send us an email!