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George Harvey Slack Leader by Frog Hair


Soft and supple, the George Harvey endorsed Slack Leader lands in a series of 'S' curves. These 'S' curves along with the suppleness of the Frog Hair material, results in the most drag-free, natural presentation ever achieved in a knotless leader.
For the angler, this means more hook-ups. In addition to its superior presentation, the George Harvey Slack Leader also possesses the high strength and 'shock resistance' that all Gamma/Frog Hair materials exhibit. For the angler, this means more landed fish. With Frog Hair, many anglers will find that they can actually use a heavier tippet than normal and still achieve perfect drifts, while those who need to fish lighter tippet sizes will notice the ability to land bigger fish than ever before.
From a small eastern freestone stream to a large western spring creek, the George Harvey Slack Leader will give the angler a real, competitive advantage.


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