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Musky Country Zero 2 Hero DVD - Musky Fishing


Musky Country: Zero2Hero is a visually stunning introduction into what it takes to go after the toughest fish in freshwater - the mighty musky - with a fly rod. Zero to Hero will transport you into the heart of the beast and along the journey shows you an angling frontier right in the heartland - Nothern Wisconsin. This remarkable stage and this remarkable fish have a way of capturing angolers more so than the reverse...witness the authentic and true tale of Musky Country Zero2Hero! As a bonus - watch the catch and release of a world record line class musky on a fly by angler Brad Bohen during the filming of Zero to Hero in September 2010. This DVD gives you a great chance to get in on the crest of the newest chapter in the sport of fly fishing. The musky offers the challenge of the saltwater permit coupled with a savage fight like nothing else offered by a freshwater gamefish. It is truly riveting and devastatingly exciting to watch. Dont miss Zero2Hero it is one amazing video!!

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