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Tippet Rings Refills for Leaders and Tippets 20 per package - plus a free 10 ...


Tippet Ring Refills, same size as the Climax 15#/2mm rings we sell - you get 20 per package - the same price as 10, however - they do NOT have the swivel holder that is used in the Climax packages - so if you already own the Climax or you have your own swivels - these are much more cost effective - you get twice as many for the same price. Connecting the tippet and leaders through the ring will allow you to change the tippet as often as you wish without shortening the leader. No longer will you need to replace leaders when switching from large streamers to a # 16 dry-fly, just cut off the 2X, tie on some 5X with an Improved Clinch Knot, attach fly, and go fish. Tippet rings are incredibly strong and very light. When attached to your leader, they?ll float, or they?ll follow the leader down if your?re using a sinking leader or a fluorocarbon tippet. 20 rings per pkg. These are NOT a Climax product.

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