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Davy Wotton lives near the White River in Arkansas where he guides over 200 days a season. He is the creator of numerous unique fly patterns, and is exceptional fly fishing instructor. Here is what Davy has to say about his fly fishing life. The first time I hooked into a trout was in the early 1950's. It was not a big fish but certainly one that from that time set me on a path in my life which has taken me fishing in many distant parts of the world. Fly fishing since the 1960's has been the means by which I have made my living. Fly fishing demands a number of relative skills, each one taking a period of time to perfect. Not all of you have that fortunate opportunity to spend the time on the water as I have done. That said, I too learned by making the same mistakes and figuring out the way to go. I learned many things from other fly fishers around the world, and built up my background of knowledge and skill that I am able to pass on to you.
Product Description
Midge Magic Fishing will help you refine the unique presentation techniques that small flies require. Davy Wotton demonstrates, on a variety of water types, all the skills needed to catch midging trout. He will take you through essential gear, teach you to assemble leaders and tippets, describe how to approach spooky fish, detail useful line management methods, explain casting tactics, and show how to get that critical good drift. See in Detail how to build the long fine leaders that effective midge angling requires. Learn a variety of rigging systems and watch Davy fish them at different depths. This is a fishing lesson you won t want to miss from one of the world s top fly fishers. Chapters in Midge Magic fishing are Fishing Soft Water, Making a Leader, Fishing Moving Water, Nymping Deeper Water, Nymphing Deep Fast Water, and Fishing Emergers and Drys.

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