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Hardy Proaxis Fly Rod


The Proaxis ranges of 1 and 4 section fly rods have been designed and developed by Hardy in conjunction with some of the worlds finest saltwater guides and anglers. Our development team, led by five times Tarpon Gold Cup Grand Champion, Andy Mill, have pushed Hardys new Sintrix technology to the absolute limit - and the end result is staggering in both performance and durability. These fast-action rods are loaded with cutting edge features, like lightweight saltwater-safe hardware, titanium recoil guides and, of course, Hardys revolutionary Sintrix material. Proaxis rods are lighter, stronger, more impact resistant and capable of withstanding much higher loads than standard graphite fly rods. So, with less chance of damage, you can cast further, fish longer and fight harder when pursuing big saltwater species Proaxis 1 Section rods have been designed and developed to offer the ultimate rod for the professional saltwater fly angler. The one section design provides a perfect match for the extreme challenges and pressures of saltwater fishing. Designed and manufactured with Sintrix (the latest in silica reinforced matrix resins), these rods can give up to 60% increase in compressive strength - and when combined with the one section design improves power transfer and removes the worry of a joint working loose in the heat of battle. The improved weight distribution further enhances the superb balance Proaxis range. Range from 8 10 eight weight - 8 10 12 weight


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