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Ross Vexsis Fly Fishing Reel


The Vexsis fly reel series is loaded with modern Ross technology and innovative engineering. The drag system is based on the Momentum's Carbon Fiber design, but we have modified the drag system by adding in ceramic to enhance the overall performance. The Vexsis drag system is a very powerful push type system that utilizes a Carbon Fiber/Rulon/Ceramic/Aluminum stack-up to maximize the benefits of each of these materials. Consistency, strength, heat resistance, shock-dampening capabilities and infinite fatigue resistance are all properties of Carbon Fiber that benefit this system. The addition of Ceramic promotes strength in the overall design by providing an incompressible surface that is highly heat resistant. By combining these elements together in the correct sequence, you end up with a perfect fly reel braking system!
In addition to a world-class drag system, the Vexsis series is loaded with our most modern reel technology:

Magnetic Spool Release - The MagnaLock™ spool release is a magnet-driven system that uses 4 Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel Copper Nickel) plated NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron) grade N40 magnets to secure the spool onto the frame. With an operational life of more than 1000 years, this system will always perform flawlessly.

Linear Drag Knob Rotation - The drag knob incorporates a revolutionary multi-ball thrust bearing drag for an almost perfectly linear drag response, resulting in a constant, mechanical feel through multiple knob rotations. Regardless of how much drag has been applied to the Vexsis system, the drag knob rotation is effortless. This provides the Ross system with greater drag range and usability when compared to every competitive reel tested.

Instant Retrieve Conversion - The twin pawl "over-center" style escapement allows the user to convert the direction of retrieve from left-hand to right-hand with a quick turn of the escapement cover. In less than one second, this conversion can be completed without any tools or disassembly.  Each reel in this series is designed with a specific diameter and width to maximize the properties of drag consistency and quick line retrieval. A dual radial pawl escapement system ensures dependability under the most demanding fishing conditions, and by adding in features like a recessed counterweight that will not snag line, modern machining and a lightweight design, you have reached the pinnacle of modern fly reel design.


  • Frame/Spool Material - 6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy
  • Manufacturing Specifications - Fully machined, 1 piece frame, 1 piece spool � manufactured on automated CNC machining centers
  • Drag Material - Carbon fiber and Rulon AR Ceramic Composite - space-age synthetics that are durable, heat resistant, self-lubricating and maintenance free
  • Drag Mechanism -  Carbon fiber, Rulon, Ceramic and anodized aluminum interface - multilevel friction disc drag system
  • Drag Engagement System - Dual radial pawl engagement
  • Spool Rotation Mechanism - Oil impregnated bronze bushing rotating on a stainless steel spindle
Model / Size Diameter Width Weight Line Wt. Line Capacity
Ross Vexsis 1 Fly Reel 3.00" 0.90" 4.5 oz 2-4 WF3 + 75 yd 20#
Ross Vexsis 1.5 Fly Reel 3.125" 0.90" 4.6 oz 3-5 WF4 + 100 yd 20#
Ross Vexsis 2 Fly Reel 3.25" 0.95" 4.7 oz 4-6 WF5 + 125 yd 20#
Ross Vexsis 3 Fly Reel 3.50" 1.00" 5.2 oz 5-7 WF6 + 175 yd 20#
Ross Vexsis 4 Fly Reel 3.75" 1.10" 6.0 oz 7-9 WF8 + 250 yd 20#



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