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C&F Style Waterproof Double Side Fly Box with Swing Leaf - Double the Flies


C&F Design Style Waterproof Fly Box with Double Insert - Black - measures 7.5 inches x 4.5 inches x 2 inches - Brand New, this is also a newer design, and its the best one weve seen yet - Unlike other inserts - this one has slotted foam on both sides - an extra side for nymphs and an extra side for dryflies - middle swingleaf insert is clear plastic so you can see your flies, and it can be simply removed or put back in, it clicks in & out of place quickly. You will not find these anywhere else - will hold well over 900 flies Retail on a comparable Box is usually $59.95 All Brand New - this is not a C&F product. We also carry an Extra Swing Leaf for this box at only $8.95 each.

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