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Skagit Master Featuring Ed Ward (Tutorial DVD) by Ed Ward


Tutorial DVD. Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended)or CD-ROM drive. Run time aprox 120 minutes The idea for this DVD hatched in 2000 in a red Russian Arctic Army tent on the banks of a remote Kamchatkan steelhead river over a bottle of scotch, a pile of fly tying materials and a relentlessly smoking woodstove...during a five-day snow storm. * Step by step grass casting sequences demonstrating the various Skagit Poke casts, Skagit Double and C-Spey - Real world application of Skagit Casting in actual fishing situations - Ed Ward tying an Intruder with Co-designer, Jerry French - Skagit Casting with Switch rods for trout and other species - Line Splicing techniques - Special guest appearance by steelhead guides Scott Howell, Mike McCune, Scott O'Donnell and Jeff Hickman - Special Bonus Features section Filmed on Sauk, Skagit, Grande Rhonde and Kanektok Rivers

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