Let’s face it, our fisheries are getting tougher and more complex-even for seasoned guides and extremely advanced anglers. Many factors such as increased angling pressure, urban sprawl into once wild lands, advances in techniques and technology, a constant onslaught of confusing Internet information, and the increasing threat of global climate change, all have their effect. Our fisheries, habitat, fish behavior, migrations and the evolution and interaction of both the fish and the angling predator are constantly changing.

The 'Selectivity' method teaches anglers how to ‘crack –the-code’ and understand the stages and variables that goes into the angling hunt and mindset, which are necessary for the complicated whimsical behaviors the fish possess no matter where you find them. Through knowledge and education comes more fulfilling and effective on-stream experiences and enjoyment from the sport.

Both novice and advanced anglers alike will benefit from the more in depth information provided in this clinic. All too often we just focus on the exotic ‘bucket list' fishing destinations rather than the amazing streams and rivers in our backyards. It's time to change this.

This clinic is an in-depth, weekend clinic that feature venues from the classroom and fly-tying vice; to ‘boots-in-water/on stream instruction’ on the Housy. It is tailor made along with your input for the unique spring creeks, classic freestone rivers or tailwaters in your area.

It is designed to be an intimate group educational experience for you to intimately embrace and learn the evolving and challenging complexities the selective trout world imposes on anglers of all levels.

Matt's clinics encompass the following: the science, tactics and methods, new fly patterns, prey/predator foraging profiles and relationships, entomology ,the on-the-water experience and the often neglected magnificent fly fishing legacy and history which our sport is rich in and often your local waters have been part of.